Hope amid lockdown at university chaplaincy

By Father Stephen Pritchard

It has been a very different term for university students, staff and chaplains. The Catholic Chaplaincy at Liverpool Hope University has been agile and responsive to the changes during the past months and was able to welcome two new people into the Catholic Church.
Elisha Fowler, who was baptised recently, commented, ‘Having converted to the Catholic faith, the Mass at Hope University has been a real blessing. Attending the university Mass as well as the university Catholic Society has enabled me to get to know like-minded students living out their Catholic faith, something I have really enjoyed doing since my conversion.’

At the same celebration, fellow third year student Che Heard was confirmed and received into the Church. He spoke about his months of searching to find that the ‘fullness of Christ through His Church has allowed me to experience the spiritual intimacy of the Mass and believe what I was told – that it was "medicine for the soul"’.
Chaplain to Hope University, Father Stephen Pritchard, was delighted to begin the academic year with students wanting to become Catholics. ‘Although this has been the strangest time as a chaplain, it is the support of students that really matters, supporting them in challenging circumstances and on their personal faith journeys,’ he said.
The Chaplaincy, up until recently, was having a weekly Sunday Mass and it continues to organise weekly online events that include a CathSoc night, a rosary time and Bible study.