Union of Catholic Mothers: January 2021

By Madelaine McDonald

Ladies, what can we say about this new year? That it must be better than the last one? That we are nicer people because of what we have been through? Have we helped others more, or have we allowed others to shine by helping us?

In a recent homily my parish priest, Father Ian McParland, took the potter as his subject. A potter is a person who forms something fine out of a lump of clay, using skill, experience and patience. He turns it into an object which is very useful or very beautiful, and which could last for a very long time. Father Ian told us of the Japanese tradition of valuing even their broken pottery, by repairing pieces with a mixture containing gold which enhanced their appearance by tracing a golden thread through them. I wonder if we can pick ourselves up from the broken year of 2020 and let the golden thread of wisdom, kindness and thankfulness shine through in 2021.

Many have had the terrible experience of losing loved ones during the pandemic and not being able to see them or attend their funerals. Others were lucky and were able to join their families in other parts of the country (or even on the other side of the world in Australia); or to watch the service through a live-stream to their TVs or computers, which made them feel part of it all. It is wonderful that we have had the prayers and support of so many of our UCM members. Thank you so much, ladies.

The Committee are working hard to arrange venues and dates for the coming year. January's Bi-monthly Mass will be at St Gregory the Great, Lydiate, on 13 January, starting at 7.30pm. For those who have the facility, it will be live-streamed; for those who don’t, please join us in prayer.

Wishing you all a happy, holy and healthy new year. May God bless us all.