Living in the power of the Resurrection

By Father Chris Thomas

I first met Sister Nancy Kellar at a conference many years ago. Nancy is a native New Yorker with a broad accent and a no-nonsense attitude to life. When I met her, she was speaking at conferences all over the world. Now, because she is well into her eighties, life has quietened a little and she no longer travels as much as she did.
I met her in Rome a couple of years ago for the first time in many years and, with her bright, sparkling eyes, she looked at me and said, ‘Don’t forget even if we never meet again there is always more in God’. That phrase for me captures the truth of the Resurrection, that there is always more in God. Who would have expected a crucified man to rise from the dead and bring new meaning and purpose into the lives of millions who would believe in him as the Son of God? There is always more in God.
The anthem ‘We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song’ rings in my heart and mind in these days after Easter and yet what does it mean to live in the power of the Resurrection? One reality that the Resurrection of Christ reveals is that when we are so paralysed by fear and overcome by darkness that we can no longer help ourselves, God can break through our locked doors, stand inside our fear and paralysis, and breathe out peace. That’s the power of the risen Christ in our lives.

Another aspect of living in the Resurrection is the personal experience of the risen Jesus which comes about through the love that exists between people. That personal experience of the risen Lord is there whenever we accept one another without judgement. It’s there in the loving touch of one for another. It’s there in the listening ear and the compassionate heart. It’s there when we allow this risen Jesus to break through the petty limitations that we put on Him and reveal His presence. It’s there when we let go of our images of God, of our presumptions about where we’ll find God, and look again with fresh eyes.

The risen Christ we’ve been given is bigger than anything we care to imagine. Never presume that you know, always look with fresh eyes for the one who is with us. Don’t cling to what you had because in clinging to what you thought you knew, you don’t have eyes to see. All of this and more is living the life of the risen Christ. Open your hearts to Him today and find that life coming to you in surprising ways.