Great Expectations

Great Expectations: coaching parents to take a stronger role in forming their own children in faith.

Leading American catechist and author Bill Huebsch recently gave a talk at the Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation about the new approach to family catechesis.

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Bill Huebsch holds a BA in religious studies, and a Masters in Theological Studies from the Catholic Theological Union of Chicago. He is adjunct faculty at the University of Dallas: School of Ministry. He is the past president of Twenty-Third Publications, and has also served in management roles in other Catholic publishing houses since 1995.

In 1990 he established The Vatican II Project which contributes to the effort being made within the Church to keep alive the spirit and energy of Vatican II.  As part of that project, he published 'A New Look at Grace' and 'Vatican II in Plain English', along with several other books outlining key features of the Council.

In 2000 he helped establish the movement for Whole Community Catechesis and published 'The GDC in Plain English' and 'Whole Community Catechesis in Plain English' The Pastor’s Guide to WCC', along with other books, support materials, articles, and presentations.

One of his important projects has been 'The Growing Faith Project', which is a component, adult education resource for parish or personal use, based entirely on the 'Catechism y es disponible en español también'.

His most recent works include 'Dreams and Visions: Pastoral Planning for Lifelong Faith Formation' and the very-popular 'Growing Up Catholic' which is a way to coach parents to form their own children for sacrament prep.