Universal Synod 2023

Archbishop Malcolm is calling everyone across the Archdiocese of Liverpool to take part in the listening phase of the Universal Synod on synodality 2023, which Pope Francis has invited the whole Church to join.
Although as an archdiocese we have already engaged with the synodal process in as part of Synod 2020, which initially generated 27,000 responses, today we may find ourselves in a different place on our journey.
The results of the listening process from Synod 2020 will form part of our response to this Universal Synod on synodality but we felt it was imperative for everyone to have an opportunity to contribute to the universal process which may include fresh insights. We will combine all responses and will submit them to the Bishops’ Conference.
To participate in this worldwide listening process, you can access and download the discussion questions from Monday 10 January 2022, as well as submit your responses online at www.liverpoolcatholicresources.com/synod2023. The deadline for submissions is Thursday 10 March 2022.  
We have tried to make the submission process as straightforward as possible for parishes and parishioners without losing the breadth of focus that has been given by the Vatican Synod Office. We have suggested that five of the ten themes are selected by groups/individuals for more detailed reflection so as not to be too onerous.  
The preferred method of submitting feedback is via the online form on the website although email and postal submissions are also possible. There is no expectation for similar activities to that of Synod 2020, although some parishes or groups may wish to hold conversations or discussions.
If you have any queries, please email: vaticansynod@rcaol.org.uk. Further information and resources can be found on the Vatican website www.synod.va or the Bishops’ Conference site www.cbcew.org.uk/synodal-church/.