Meeting Matthew

747594063_IMG_2378.JPG Meeting Matthew
A study day led by Dr Camilla Burns SND

Over seventy people gathered at the Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation last Saturday to participate in a day reflecting on the Gospels and, in particular, the Gospel according to Matthew.  Readers, catechists and interested parishioners were led through some of the riches of the unique literary form that is ‘the gospel’.  Sr Camilla began by explaining that whilst there were many examples of letters, chronicles and even apocalyptic writings in the first century the literary form we know as ‘gospel’ was unique: crafted by the evangelists to proclaim the Good News of Jesus the Christ.  In order to help us appreciate Matthew’s gospel, Sr Camilla opened up the two ‘book ends’ that frame it: the Infancy Narrative and the Passion Narrative.

Parishioners from St Helen's said: 'We really enjoyed today. Sr Camilla was excellent and it was a wonderful insight into the Gospel of Matthew.  We have learned so much today, plus the opportunity of course of meeting and sharing with other people.  It would be really really good to meet Mark, Luke and John also!'  While a parishioner from Aigburth said 'Thank you for the day on Matthew.  I enjoyed it very much and learnt a great deal; it was so good to have deep and informative talks in which the pastoral side was not sacrificed to the academic.'