Mass on the anniversary of the death of Archbishop Worlock

2082239552_DWMass01.jpg 140645950_DWMass02.jpg 1231869349_DWMass03.jpg Archbishop Patrick Kelly celebrated Mass on the fifteenth anniversary of the death of his predecessor, Archbishop Derek Worlock, on Tuesday 8 February in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.

Concelebrating with the Archbishop was Father Joseph Bibby who last week returned from working with the Liverpool Archdiocesan Missionary Project (LAMP) in Bolivia. LAMP was founded by Archbishop Worlock in 1979 to provide priests to work in Latin America, and it was Archbishop Derek who, in 1993, commissioned Father Joe for his ministry there.

The Mass began with one of Archbishop Derek’s favourite hymns, ‘Love is his word, Love is his way’ written by Luke Connaughton, a member of the Young Christian Workers movement with which Archbishop Derek was also closely associated.

In his homily Archbishop Kelly recalled the work of Archbishop Derek at the Second Vatican Council and later in collaboration with the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, David Sheppard, referring to the statue which stands in tribute to them in Liverpool’s Hope Street which was erected through public subscription.

He spoke of visiting Archbishop Derek shortly before his death remembering that the then Monsignor Worlock had been Master of Ceremonies at his own ordination in the English College, Rome in 1962. He spoke of the final journey of Archbishop Derek and also of Bishop David and his wife Grace who died last year.

He concluded his homily by quoting St Paul’s words: ‘if we have hoped in Christ for this life only we are of all people the most to be pitied’.

At the conclusion of the Mass the congregation processed to the Chapel of St Joseph where Archbishop Derek is buried to pray at his tomb.