Partners in a Shared task on the Isle of Man

621210724_Partners01.jpg 673318134_Partners02.jpg Last month four members of the Pastoral Formation and Christian Education Departments travelled to the Isle of Man for a one day visit to ensure that islanders experienced their own ‘Passing on the Faith Conversation’ and were introduced to the vision behind the restoring of the order of the Sacraments of Initiation and the move to Family Catechesis which will be launched in June this year.

Father Philip Gillespie, the Pastoral Area Leader for the island welcomed the arrivals at Ronaldsway Airport and parents, grandparents, deacons, catechists, teachers and governors from all parts enthusiastically gathered together. The hospitality was wonderful with a hot meal and delicious desserts provided at lunchtime.

Although this ‘Passing on the Faith Conversation’ was the last of nine to be held across the Archdiocese, it was one of the most enjoyable and there was much to learn from the rich wisdom of parishioners used to passing on the faith through family and parish more than through Catholic schools as there is just the one Catholic school on the Isle of Man. The ‘With You Always’ DVD was well received and there was stimulating conversation about opportunities for formation and training.