Faith on Draught

A change in venue from the usual Pub to an Ice Cream Parlour did not seem to discourage people from attending Faith on Draught.

The Spring series finished with Steve Atherton speaking about 'Finding Hope in an Age of Despair'.  He challenged those in attendance to find the hope of the risen Christ still present in the world.  Steve used the famous Teresa of Avila quote that 'God has no hands on earth but ours and no feet on earth but ours' to argue that it is our responsibility to take this Christian hope of the Easter Mystery into the world.

The previous week Steve Hoyland spoke on 'Does God Speak?'. Steve put forward various ways in which God can appear to speak, for example in the Scriptures, in Church Teaching, in Creation. He then suggested positive and negative ways of viewing these different ways God might speak and so encouraged a lively debate on the relative merits of each.

The change in venue did not discourage people from attending and over the two weeks upwards of 40 people joined in some interesting discussions on Faith over a soothing Ice-Cream!

The next series of Faith on Draught will take place later in the year.

For more information see the Facebook site 'Faith on Draught' or email or phone Father Simon Gore on 01942 244864