Blessed Sacrament pupils remember

1156660457_BSB01.jpg 1261443528_BSB02.jpg 1756493062_BSB03.jpg Blessed Sacrament Junior School pupils have been remembering and commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Liverpool Blitz.

They have had visits to St Luke's, the 'Bombed Out Church' at the top of Bold Street, cookery lessons -using only rationed food and music lessons that have been full of songs from the war.

Their work came to an end with a fantastic street party where children and staff alike came dressed the 1940s way! They had spam sandwiches and wartime cake made with potato!

A local parishioner even came and shared her original 78s on her gramophone. A wartime sing-a-long and dance completed a perfect afternoon.

The children really engaged in the topic and were interested to learn about this important local history. Helen McDonald from the school said: ‘the research they did in school and at home was amazing and everyone wanted to get involved; as always we have reached out to the local families and community and successfully brought generations closer together. Due to the commitment of our staff and parents in bringing learning alive for our children, this has been a great achievement’.