The Spirit of this Time: carry one another's burdens

The Most Reverend Patrick Kelly, Archbishop of Liverpool, has urged people to ‘carry one another’s burdens’ at this time of economic crisis.

Speaking in an interview with Vatican Radio following a meeting at the recently established Pontifical Council for New Evangelisation in Rome the Archbishop spoke of the role of the Church in supporting the weakest in society. He said: ‘the sign which the Church gives is not a sign which can only cope with those who are strong in their faith and in their convictions but also part of that sign is that our family includes people who are hanging on by their fingertips.’

He went on to say: ‘the spirit of this time is “carry one another’s burdens”; we have to show we are carrying one another’s burdens both in the Catholic family and in reaching out to others. This is the way in which the Lord gathered people around himself’.

Cardinals and bishops from Barcelona, Budapest, Brussels, Cologne, Dublin, Lisbon, Liverpool, Paris, Turin, Warsaw and Vienna were called to Rome for last Monday’s meeting to share ideas with the President of the Pontifical Council, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, for a pilot project aimed at the Church in their cities. It was a preliminary meeting prior to a Synod to be held in 2012. At the meeting discussions centred on the challenges faced by the Church in each of the cities represented and how they are working, and can work together, to meet difficulties they encounter.

Archbishop Kelly went on to say that the present economic crisis has got to be part of the context within which the Church has to work and offered a model of cooperation with secular civic authorities to establish ways forward.

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