Bishop Tom Williams: 'dignity for the Hillsborough families'.

The Right Reverend Tom Williams, Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool, says that the report produced by the Hillsborough Independent Panel brings dignity to the families.

Bishop Tom, who led part of the Vigil on St George's Plateau in Liverpool on the day that the report was released, says:

'I wish to thank the members of the Hillsborough Independent Panel and in particular their Chair, Bishop James Jones, for their assiduous work in establishing the truth of events at Hillsborough.

The documents speak for themselves and bring the answers so many were looking for and knew to be true in spite of the false presumptions of others.

The invaluable work of the Panel brings justice, peace and above all dignity to the families of those who died and those who have walked bravely over the years this road to truth. They can now remember their loved ones with true warmth and affection without any sense of injustice.

We are at the beginning of another phase of the journey with questions rightly being raised and judgements to be made. We pray for dignity in discernment and wise judgement.'