Office details: LACE, Croxteth Drive, LIVERPOOL L17 1AA

Fieldworker: Steve Atherton 0151 522 1080 / 07557 445047
Administrative Assistant: Maria Hardacre 0151 522 1081

The Justice and Peace Commission exists to:

* stimulate awareness of the need for justice both at home and overseas
* assist in the work of reflection on those needs in the light of the Church's social teaching
* foster and encourage action for justice and peace in the parishes of the Archdiocese

We do this by building a society based on the teaching of Scripture and the Social Teaching of the Church

* offering the hand of friendship and working with all people
* conscientisating, training, enabling ourselves and others
* informing/creating awareness of injustice in the world
* opposing and denouncing injustice
* supporting those who suffer for justice,
* educating people to their rights and to the needs of others
* praying and developing a justice spirituality

We work throughout the Archdiocese and through local groups and individuals. We work closely with CAFOD and many other social justice organisations and also with people of other denominations and faiths.

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