'Keeping Sunday' Report from the Archdiocesan Assembly

Delegates nominated from across the Archdiocese of Liverpool met for the Liverpool Archdiocesan Assembly on Saturday 24 November 2012. The report from the gathering which looked at the ways in which, with the pressures of 21st century life, people are keeping the Lord’s Day, has now been published.

During the day delegates reflected on the findings of a consultation carried out in parishes earlier in the year. Drawing on the 1998 Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II ‘Dies Domini’; ‘The Lord’s Day’ parishioners were asked to reflect on three areas:

The first asked how the nature of Sunday has changed and as a result what have we gained or lost and how do we keep Sunday as a special day.

The second was directed at the Catholic community asking why people attend Mass on a Sunday and how it helps, are there any positive changes in the Church over recent years and if the introduction of a Saturday Vigil Mass has changed the nature of Sunday for some people.

The third asked how more people can be attracted to join in worship and how we can reach out to those Catholics who no longer worship.