Liverpool Lourdes Pilgrimage 2013

Sunday 28 July

Kerrie Carty from Coach 2 writes:

It wasn't our usual sunday morning.  Sunday is a day of rest...but not in Lourdes!  Most of the over 18's started their day with a 4.30 am wake up call to begin duty in the St Frai at 5.20 am.  We assisted the Pilgrims with breakfast and gathering their belongings to prepare for Sunday Mass at the Grotto, the under 18's came to collect the pilgrims to take them down to Mass.  Mass was celebrated by Bishop Tom Williams, it was lovely and the sun was shining, after Mass we all took part in our youth pilgrimage photo, safe to say there were some crazy poses and we can't wait to see the outcome of the printed copy.  After the photograph the pilgrims and our over 18's returned to the St Frai for a cup of tea and a chat whilst waiting for lunch, when we had taken the pilgrims to lunch we went back to our hotel for our own lunch and afterwards we had some free time before going back on duty.  We have had a very busy day but it doesn't end there tonight is our fancy dress night we have some amazing outfits and we are off to the Kirkby pilgrims hotel to provide them with entertainment with some great acts in store for them, we have had a fantastic week so far and we can't wait to see what happens in the week ahead.

...and this from Coach 4, Wigan and Leigh:

Saturday was really busy, so we didn't have time to do a post so we'll have to catch up now!  On Saturday night we took part in the youth torchlight procession.  Annabel on doing it for the first time said 'it took my breath away'.

On Sunday morning we took the pilgrims to the Grotto for Mass, and we were extremely fortunate to be sat on the front row, practically inside the grotto!   We then had our pilgrimage photo!  To see all the young people together in our immense number is incredible.  Un, deux, trois, CHEESE!  Later in the afternoon we had Blessed Sacrament Procession.  In Joe's words, it was 'enlightening'.

At night we had a Catechisist session with our own Father Sean.  We thought a lot about who or what we have faith in, and other people who have faith, particularly in Lourdes.  We personalised see through crosses, which we then gave to a friend on Coach 4.  We formed a connection with our crosses by looking up at the sky through the glass, and seeing God through creation.
Today it seems that we as a coach have really banded together to support each other.  If anyone is finding anything difficult, the whole coach comes together to help.  Whether somebody simply offering some water, a hug when your feeling down, or simply supporting an caring.  We are family.
We finished off the busy day as we do best, a sing song in the Geneve.  A mix of new songs, and the Coach 4 classics.

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