Palm Sunday at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King

Bishop Tom Williams, Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Liverpool, was Celebrant at the Solemn Mass of Palm sunday in Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.

The congregation gathered in the Cathedral garden to bless the palms before processing in singing the traditional Palm Sunday hymn, 'All glory, laud and honour'.  The Cathedral Choir greeted the sung Passion according to St Matthew with 'Christus factus est'.

In his homily Bishop Tom spoke of Holy Week as a drama in which we all play a part:  'It is a drama in which we all play a part: from Judas to the good thief, from the denial of Peter to the weeping of the women of Jerusalem.  But we, as a Church, must go forward.  We will follow Christ by ascending from hell to the bright promise of immortality.  This tree of the Cross saves us, all of us, from the consequences of that other tree: the tree of self sufficiency, arrogance, the pride of wanting to know all this according to our own limited parameters and low horizons.'

He went on to speak of the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy which is on Tuesday 15 April, and offered 'an Easter prayer for our City and for all those affected especially by events of horror and trauma in their lives and also particularly as well the Hillsborough experience'.

Pictures from the Palm Sunday Mass