Apostolic Letter of Appointment

Apostolic Letter of authority from the Holy See on the appointment of the Most Reverend Malcolm McMahon OP as the ninth Archbishop of Liverpool.
Francis, Bishop, Servant of the Servants of God, to our Venerable Brother Malcolm Patrick McMahon, of the Order of Preachers, hitherto Bishop of Nottingham, now having been named Pastor of the Metropolitan Church of Liverpool, greetings and apostolic benediction.
Since all times and all ages belong to Christ the King, we are confident that, whenever a need enjoins the nomination of a Bishop, the Lord himself accompanies us and helps us.  Therefore, supported by this hope, we have directed our thoughts with solicitous care to the flock of Liverpool, which has been deprived of its Shepherd on account of the resignation of its last Bishop, our venerable brother Patrick Kelly.
When we examine the evidence of your work in the Diocese of Nottingham, it seems to confirm to us that you are suitable to be appointed to this currently vacant Metropolitan See.  Therefore, accepting the recommendation of the Congregation for Bishops, using our apostolic authority, we name and appoint you Metropolitan Archbishop of Liverpool, with the attendant obligations and rights prescribed in canon law, having released you from your obligation to the Church of Nottingham.
Moreover, we desire that the clergy and people of your Archdiocese know this, our decree and resolve, and generously accept you as their Shepherd and guardian of truth.  There is nothing for us to add except to encourage you, Venerable Brother, with fatherly affection: spread the Kingdom of Christ more and more among your people, so that they may participate in the fruit of his redemption and enjoy full communion with him.
Given at Rome, at St Peter’s, on the twenty-first day of March in the Year of Our Lord two thousand and fourteen, the second of our Pontificate.