Website Changes and Additions

Update - Tuesday 29 July 2014

You will hopefully have noticed that we’ve been moving things around on our website over the last few weeks.  Work is still ongoing but the bulk of it is now complete. 

Please read the brief outline below to help you understand how our information is now structured:

About Us

This section contains a brief overview of the archdiocese, our history, details of any current vacancies we’re looking to fill and also our contact details. 

Please note the history section is a work in progress so please bear with us!

Who We Are

This area pulls together key information about our people from the Archbishop of Liverpool to individual members of the clergy.

What We Do

You’ll find details of our commissions and pastoral formation here plus information about evangelisation, curia and tribunal, finance and development and schools and colleges.

Where We Are

If you’re looking for mass times we’ve added a new feature here to help you with this task plus there’s also information about hospital chaplaincies, Nugent Care and facilities hire here.

Faith and Life

This section acts as a resource hub for those looking to discover more about the Catholic faith or those who wish to strengthen their faith.

Latest Updates

This section brings together our latest news stories, calendar of events, the archbishop and auxiliary bishop’s engagements with links to social media and the Catholic Pic. 

Further features will hopefully follow here in due course.

How Do I…

This new FAQ feature is still in development, it seeks to assist first-time visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for.