Unitapes are Live

A priceless archive became available to the public with the launch of the Unitapes website at the Centre for Evangelisation last month.

Over 800 tapes were produced of talks which were given at the Upholland Northern Institute in order to promote the teachings of the Second Vatican Council.
Former Director of the Upholland Northern Institute, Father Kevin Kelly, remembered the night of the very first talk when a hall had been prepared for up to 100 people:  300 turned up and the talk was moved to the College Chapel on a ‘freezing cold night’.  In thanking the IT team of Liverpool Hope University who undertook the project, Father Kevin spoke of his delight that the collection had found a home in the only ecumenical University in Europe.  He went on to say, ‘our emphasis is not on a commercial venture but to share the ideas of the Second Vatican Council as widely as possible’.
‘Thank God for Unitapes’ said Archbishop Malcolm as he formally launched the project.  He said the venture is, ‘something new, not nostalgic, an online resource of intellectual work done in a down to earth manner in order to spread all goodness throughout the world.’  He went on to say that the tapes form ‘a great contribution to the intellectual life of the Church with all of the thoughts bringing us closer to the one teacher, Jesus Christ’.
The cassette recordings from the original 800 talks have been digitised and are available for download at the website www.unitape.org  CD copies can also be ordered, a catalogue is online and also available from The Secretary, Department of Pastoral Formation, LACE, Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park, Liverpool, L17 1AA.

Pictures from the launch can be seen here