Living with the joy and hope of Easter

By Father Chris Thomas

Just recently I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. We were reflecting on the present moment and came to the conclusion that while for us everything is chronological, God is other and for God everything is the present moment.

There is no time in God. That means the opportunity to experience what is at the very core of our Christian tradition – the reality of the Passion, death and resurrection of Christ for us – and to let it be real.

We are caught up in something that is eternal. The Christ we have been given is far more than we can ever imagine. How do we live with the paradox of death and resurrection? I guess all we can do is ponder the mystery and let it bear fruit within us because it is happening within us.

Richard Rohr, the American Franciscan, says: "God is dying in all things, but God is risen in all things too. And both at the same time! Only wisdom can hold both together. Part of the great mystery of life is that it’s just as hard to see the ecstasy and beauty of things as it is to accept the crucifixion of things. Both together are the paschal mystery – Christ is dying; Christ is rising all the time, everywhere – no exceptions."

In the very stuff of our lives, in the very creation that we live in now and for all time, Christ is dying and rising, present in all things, good or bad, now and forever. The events of the week that we call holy culminate in the Easter Triduum where we spend time reflecting on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. After that we spend the next 50 days reminding ourselves that ‘we are an Easter people and alleluia is our song’.

Easter goes on and on and the Church wants us to recognise that truth. So what is the challenge? I think it lies in questions like: Do we recognise the Paschal mystery in our own lives? Are our lives filled with hope and the joy of Easter? Would others know through our lives that we are an Easter people?

This weekend gather and celebrate the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection but also your own story too and then live it out for the world to see and make it real. Let others know that Christ has died and Christ is risen.