Reconciliation for young people ...a tool kit
A new resource for a Reconciliation service with young people in the parish or school, with families and young people or just with young people.

Reconciliation for young people... a toolkit.

This resource was prepared by the Department of Pastoral Formation With You Always in association with Animate Youth Ministries, and developed by a group of teachers, chaplains, parents, deacons and priests for use with young people and families in the Archdiocese of Liverpool.
The resource comes in a handy ring binder with laminated section inserts and full colour printing.

How to use this resource
  • The resource is flexible and adaptable.
  • It is a tool kit from which you can pick and choose various elements to prepare a Reconciliation service for various contexts.
  • Included are 3 Sample Services of Reconciliation for Young People. These Sample Services can be rearranged to create a Reconciliation service that is right for your parish or school, and the age of the young people with whom you are working.  
  • There are also suggestions for including parents and families in Reconciliation services.  
  • Included in the resource are ideas for prayer stations to use during a Reconciliation service. The movement of young people between prayer stations alone or with a friend adds variety and real opportunities for engagement.  A catechist at each station keeps the young people motivated and directed.  
  • The Appendix offers suggested activities and music.
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