Mum's the word

By Madelaine McDonald

This month brought the 70th anniversary of the Union of Catholic Mothers’ first pilgrimage to Walsingham. To mark the occasion the UCM held a special Mass at the Norfolk shrine on Tuesday 7 July, with Bishop Alan Williams – recently appointed national episcopal liaison bishop to the organisation – the main celebrant and Father David Potter, for the first time as spiritual adviser to the Liverpool branch, concelebrating. All members were asked to wear a white rose (real or artificial) to add to their natural beauty. Let’s hope those who went enjoyed a wonderful, prayerful time.

Members of the Holy Rosary foundation have been nominated by Nugent Care for a ‘Dignity in Care’ award for the great support they offer to the society. Well done and congratulations; we hope you come out on top of the four nominees who have been put forward.

On 1 June, six members of the diocesan committee attended the annual divisional celebrations of the northern sector of the Salvation Army, held in Southport. They received a wonderful welcome and heard Major James Williams talk about his life in the organisation – what splendid social work the Army does. Their members are so enthusiastic and joyful, and had the UCM representatives singing along to their songs. A big thank you goes to them – ecumenism in action.

A copy of a letter from Mrs Terri Coombs, former national president, is being sent to each foundation for discussion. The topic is 'Is the UCM still a viable organisation?' so come on, ladies, please air your views at your meetings and let Kate Moss – diocesan secretary – have your comments quickly. Isn’t it true that 70 is the new 50? We know some things need updating but enthusiasm and drive are still with us. Let’s show that Liverpool UCM is still up and running.

Finally, I came across this thought the other day:
‘It was only a sunny smile
And little it cost in the giving;
But like morning light
It scattered the night
And made the day worth living.’  (F Scott Fitzgerald)