New-look Animate team unveiled

Introducing our new members

Animate's new Gap Year Team members are now settled in at Lowe House where they are slowly but surely getting used to life in a Christian community. Their year of working with young people has begun – already they have ministered to pupils from St Edward’s College, Hope Academy, St John Fisher, Bellerive FCJ, St Mary’s College and All Hallows – and they are finding their feet too in a house where responsibilities include cooking and cleaning for seven others!

Alongside our three new members are some familiar faces who have returned. Father Simon Gore remains as director, Sarah Beatty as team leader, and Chris Jones and James Lawry as team coordinators, while Tom Hallsworth is back for a second year on the Gap Year Team. To learn more about the newcomers, read on ...

Jacinta Bollard (second left)
I am from: North Wales
My birthday is: 19 November and I am 18.
Favourite piece of Scripture: Colossians 3:12
When I have time to myself, I like to: Chill, take my dog for walks and spend time with family/friends. An interesting fact about me: My party trick is being able to do a pig noise (it’s more complex than it sounds, trust me).
I joined Animate because: I want to spend a year working and meeting new people, having fun as well as learning more about my faith and evangelising in youth ministry.

Lauren Lynch (far right)
I am from: Fleetwood
My birthday is: 22 February and I am 19.
Favourite piece of Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11
When I have time to myself I like to: Feast (mostly on takeaways if I’m being honest), sleep, pray ... and watch Netflix.
An interesting fact about me is: I will try to play any instrument that has strings – guitar, ukulele, mandolin ... I love instruments!
I joined Animate because: I have had a great year working with young people within the Lancaster Diocese, so I look forward to joining another great team of youth workers and getting to know others within the Liverpool Archdiocese.

Gemma Smith (far left)
I am from: Near Ormskirk
My birthday is: 20 December and I am 18
My favourite piece of Scripture is: 1 Corinthians 13:4–8
When I have time to myself, I like to: Listen to music, catch up on a TV show or read a book.
An interesting fact about me: I was one of 264 people this summer who broke the world record for the largest number of stand-up paddle boarders paddling a mile in one area.
I joined the Animate team because: I'm looking forward to working with young people and to helping give them the confidence to develop their faith and relationship with God.

Please keep the new team and the work that they will do together in your prayers. Thank you.

Dates for the diary:
5 November – Life & Soul

Our new venture for 2015/16 is called Life & Soul and starts at Lowe House at 7pm. It is an evening of prayer, praise and worship, and sharing for young adults.
7 November – Nightfever
Join us for Mass at the Blessed Sacrament Shrine on Dawson Street, Liverpool at 5.40pm, then pop downstairs for a cup of tea and a biscuit before Nightfever begins at 7pm with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. It is open to all so please come along for a time of prayer and reflection.
9 November – Lourdes 2016 forms will be available to download from from 9am.
Please note the deadline for World Youth Day Krakow 2016 forms is 16 November.