News of the Knights of St Columba, Liverpool province

KSC support C of E food bank in West Derby

A group of KSC members from West Derby have joined forces with St John the Baptist Anglican Church to support a local food bank project.

The members of KSC council 493 – who meet at St Paul's parish centre in West Derby – became involved after their grand knight, Andrew Cleary, visited St John's and heard from the priest there, Father Simon Fisher, how the church was starting up a food bank after a similar scheme at St Andrew's, Clubmoor had become oversubscribed.

Cleary, together with fellow members Mark Thompson and Rob Jardine, made several exploratory visits to see how the operation was managed and assess the level of commitment required – with the Knights' involvement as volunteers beginning officially last May. "It has been a great opportunity to work ecumenically with our Christian brothers and sisters to help make a difference in the local community," said Cleary. "It has been a humbling and valuable experience for the council members, who have supported the rota on a weekly basis since May."

The food bank operates under the auspices of the North Liverpool Food Bank, a project supervised by the Trussell Trust Food Bank, a network that works in partnership with local churches and organisations to bring food banks to communities across the United Kingdom. Frontline care professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the police identify people in crisis and issue them with vouchers which they can exchange for three days' emergency food. Volunteers can also meet clients and recommend them to agencies offering longer-term help.