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Four Synod 2020 themes explained
The four key themes to come out of the listening stage of the Archdiocese's Synod 2020 process have been announced.

Diploma in Pastoral Ministry and Leadership

This unique opportunity is available from February 2020 to dioceses in the North of England and others. This Certificate in Pastoral Ministry is being offered by Loyola University Chicago and has the support of local dioceses.
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Pastoral Letter for Synod Sunday

'We journey together to become the Church God is calling us to be'

Pastoral Letter
for Synod Sunday

13 October 2019

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Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry is a customized Professional Development Programme offered by Loyola University Chicago in partnership with the Archdiocese of Liverpool and dioceses in the North of England.
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Bishops' diary

Find out what appointments the week holds for Archbishop Malcolm and Bishop Tom.

Keeping the faith

The Catholic martyrs remain an example of how we should treasure the Sacraments.

Sunday's Gospel

The Gospel for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time comes from Luke (17:11-19).

Lay Formation Fund

How the Lay Formation Fund is fostering parish renewal at OLA in Gateacre, Liverpool.

New Lay Governance Roles advertised

Interested in

new Lay

Governance Roles


     Liverpool Archdiocese?

Details available here

New-look Animate

Animate's new team for school year 2019/20 has been unveiled and sent to work.

The Word of the Lord

Listen to the latest Sunday Gospel reading courtesy of

Synod 2020: Everything you need to know

Visit the Synod 2020 website in preparation for the landmark event taking place next year in the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

This mine of content includes the latest Synod-related news, Archbishop Malcolm's pastoral letters, as well as important liturgical resources.

Sunday reflection

Take time to read our special weekly reflection for every Sunday of the liturgical year.

This month's liturgy

How October reminds us to be grateful for our common home and its abundant fruits.

A Holy Communion

Pray that we become what we receive in the Eucharist and are truly transformed by it.

FCJ bicentenary

Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Liverpool has begun a special year of celebrations.

Safeguarding e-learning

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has worked with EduCare to create an e-learning package that raises awareness in the Catholic community.

It is part of the Church’s commitment to safeguarding, and is available for free.

Lowdown on GDPR

Everything you need to know about the Archdiocese of Liverpool and GDPR.

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Bring the merciful love of Christ as a life-giving balm to those troubling new forms of poverty and vulnerability increasingly evident in contemporary society

Pope Francis speaking ahead of ‘The Day of Life.’

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