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Fifth Sunday of Lent

In Sunday's Gospel – John 12:20-33 – Jesus describes the grain of wheat that dies and is buried before it can bear fruit. Full Story

From the Archbishop’s Desk: March 2018

Archbishop Malcolm asks us to reflect not on ourselves during Lent but on the environment and the importance of a healthy earth in times of conflict. Full Story

Letter from Rome: March 2018

Seminarian Joshua Dixon writes: "Through silent prayer we can let the Holy Spirit, who is identified with Wisdom in the scriptures, inspire us." Full Story

March at the Cathedral

Entering the midway point of this Lenten period, the Cathedral's busy schedule continues to provide the meaning and guidance that we may need. Full Story

The true healing power of the Eucharist

In preparation for Adoremus, the National Eucharistic Congress and Pilgrimage, Father Joe Kendall is offering a series of reflections on Eucharistic themes. Full Story

Football freestyler’s Everest-sized challenge

Football freestyler John Farnworth from Longridge is attempting a trek from north-east Nepal up to Everest Base Camp – performing keepie-ups all the way. Full Story

A first-class Eucharistic pilgrimage

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress arrives later this year, and an unearthed diary tells of a similar trip made almost a century ago. Full Story

Sunday thoughts: March 2018

Monsignor John Devine writes that by putting God at the centre of our lives – to love and trust in Him to do right – we will be saved.
Full Story

On a liturgical note: March 2018

For Canon Philip Gillespie, the liturgical season of Lent is for listening with ‘the ears of the heart’ – and so being drawn closer to God. Full Story

What else might we want?

Lent is a time when we are invited to reflect on the ‘what else we might want’ that gets in the way of following Jesus and finding real life within. Full Story