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From the Archbishop's desk: August

"My prayer this summer," notes Archbishop Malcolm, "is to thank God for the hope He has kept alive in our Church by sending us new priests." Full Story

'A faith journey is full of twists and turns'

Ordained as the Archdiocese's newest priest on 15 July, Father Michael Barrett explains why he chose to embark on a new life in the Church at 61. Full Story

Old friend of diocese now stirring precious memories

Why former school chaplain, seminarian and RE teacher Jimmy O'Donnell left his job to dedicate himself to working with people living with dementia. Full Story

Sunday thoughts: August

Matthew's Gospel portrays encounters with Jesus in which lives are changed, with the message that Christ is present at every juncture of our lives. Full Story

Discernment – a gift for our times

If we are trying to discern God's will for our lives, it is already laid out in the Scriptures – we are called to live our lives for love. Full Story

On a liturgical note: August

The Liturgy is a balanced diet, with Feasts of the Lord, Feasts of Mary and Feasts of the Saints all flowing from and leading to the one mystery. Full Story

Why we must be industrious in our goodness

The devil's plans are disturbed each time we pray or show love, kindness, gentleness, charity and forgiveness, writes Moira Billinge. Full Story

Looking back on 2016/17

Father Simon Gore reflects on another productive year in the hot seat at Liverpool Archdiocese's Animate Youth Ministries. Full Story

Gospel for Sunday 13 August

When Peter doubts after stepping onto the Sea of Galilee, Jesus, who calms our storms and restores our peace, tells him "Do not be afraid". Full Story

Why love lies at the heart of justice

The simplest and best explanation of 'Justice & Peace' is right relationship, says Steve Atherton, with God, ourselves, each other, and the earth. Full Story