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Gospel for Third Sunday of Lent

Sunday's Gospel from Luke is the Parable of the Fig Tree, which concerns God's mercy and the ample opportunity we have to repent and bear fruit. Full Story

On a liturgical note: March 2019

Lent is a period of searching for the purity of heart and purity of living that will enable us to experience and express Christ's centrality in our lives. Full Story

Sunday thoughts: March 2019

'The best things in life are free,' observes Monsignor John Devine of the gratuity of grace, 'and best of all is God’s love.' Full Story

Reflections: March 2019

Father Chris Thomas writes about the challenge of really experiencing life to the full – discovering who we are and what life is about. Full Story

Synod 2020 opens with Cathedral service

'A new day is breaking, a new dawn is rising.' Archbishop Malcolm McMahon opens Synod 2020 and commissions Synod members for their work. Full Story

Animate Youth Ministries: March 2019

Animate Youth Ministries team member Ciara offers a reflection for each of the four Sundays of Lent during the month of March. Full Story

Remembering the first Diocesan Synod

Archdiocesan archivist Neil Sayer describes the first Synod held in this diocese, all the way back in 1853, and an event to which only priests were invited. Full Story

Pastoral associate aiming to hit right notes

Archdiocesan pastoral associate Joanne Wallace speaks about her role working in two parishes in the Upholland pastoral area. Full Story

Letter from Wonersh: March 2019

Peter Murphy, a seminarian from this diocese, looks forward to Flame 2019 in London and reflects on the conference’s theme of ‘significance’. Full Story

Leading God's people in praise and worship

Dr Christopher McElroy, director of music at the Cathedral, explains the role of the new chorister leaders appointed both to lead and to serve. Full Story