Together on the road

Synodality comes form two Greek words: ‘with’ and ‘road’, so it means to be ‘together on the road’.

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In 2018, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon announced a synod for our archdiocese. A synod is a meeting where members of the Church come together to review issues and make decisions.

We listened to thousands of Synod members and took into account over 25,000 submissions and 3,500 practical proposals.

The Synod took place on 19 and 20 June 2021. 39 recommendations were voted on, and in the light of this discernment a group of men and women, priests and lay people from our archdiocese started working on the Pastoral Plan, which was launched on the first Sunday of Advent on 28 November 2021.

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You can download and read the full Pastoral Plan here.

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Many resources have been recently created exploring synodality, especially in relation to the Universal Synod 2021 – 2023 called by Pope Francis. These may provide a useful overview and give some practical insights into incorporating synodal practices in our own situations here in Liverpool as we implement the Pastoral Plan from our own Synod.