How do I get my child baptised?

Baptism is how we become part of God’s family - it is great that you want that for your child! Here are the next steps.

Book a date with your parish

Before doing anything else, contact your local parish to make an appointment with the priest or baptism coordinator. You may need to fill out a form or book a meeting.

Find your parish

Mass and preparation

Some parishes expect that you will begin to attend Mass if you are not a regular attendee. You may also be asked to attend some preparation sessions either in a group or individually at your parish.

Select your child’s Godparents

Your child will need at least one Godparent who must be Catholic (that is, confirmed in the Catholic Church) and over 16.  They cannot be the mother or father of the child. 

Adults who are not baptised, or those who are baptised and/or confirmed in other Christian denominations, can be asked to participate in the ceremony and be witnesses.

Baptismal certificate and candle

Don’t forget to collect your baptismal certificate from the parish office. You will also have a baptismal candle for your child from the ceremony. The custom is to light the baptismal candle on the child’s baptismal anniversary.