Social Action
Archdiocese launches Care for Creation one-year plan
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May 20, 2024

To celebrate Laudato Si Week, the Archdiocese of Liverpool is launching its one-year plan for 2024.  This sets out what we intend to do, but also captures some of what we have already done.

 Most recently, the archdiocese completed a carbon emissions audit.  We now have the Carbon Footprint figures for all parish buildings – churches, presbyteries and halls – over 400 properties. 

Parishes are now invited to join the Carbon Countdown challenge, where churches can work towards reducing their energy consumption, by doing an audit, keeping an energy diary and making changes to properties. 

Our Care for Creation workshops continue to roll out, having been delivered in four deaneries, with a further six awaiting courses. This is coordinated by Pablo Guidi, Catholic Social Action Coordinator, and delivered by the Care for Creation volunteer Leadership Team.

Social Action Coordinator Pablo said: "This document is a one-year plan inspired by Care for Creation, a commitment to environmental action and sustainable living made by the Archdiocese of Liverpool in 2023.

"Care for Creation captures our belief inbuilding a sustainable future that brings us closer to creating God’s heavenly kingdom on earth. It has been informed by all the good work that has happened until now, in homes, in parishes, and across the archdiocese.”

You can view the full document here.