Civic Mass 2024
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June 10, 2024

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP was the chief celebrant as dignitaries from across Liverpool came together to celebrate the Civic Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King in April.

The Mass was concelebrated by Cathedral clergy, including Canon Anthony O’Brien, Canon John Poland, Fr Derek Lloyd, Fr Peter Murphy and Fr Anthony Lippo.

The dignitaries in attendance were the Lieutenant of Merseyside and his wife, the High Sherriff, the Honorary Recorder of Liverpool and members of the Judiciary, the Consular Corps, the Universities, Armed Services and other distinguished citizens.

Before the start of Mass, a fanfare welcomed in the Lord Lieutenant, the Honorary Recorder, the High Sherriff, the Senior Coroner and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool before the procession of the clergy came around.

His Honour Judge Andrew Menary KC, Honorary Recorder of Liverpool gave a reading from the Acts of the Apostles. The second reading was from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Mary Rasmussen. She read from the first letter of St John.

Deacon Paul Mannings then gave a reading from the Gospel according to John. The reading talked of Jesus being the Good Shepherd, one who lays down his life for his sheep, which led well into Archbishop Malcolm’s homily, which was largely focused on Vocations, as it was also the Day of Prayer for Vocations.

He said: “The call comes to us in different ways, not just priests. We follow the example of Jesus leading his sheep.

“Being a good shepherd is more than knowing your sheep by name. It’s giving them guidance.”

He went on to say we all have a calling in some way, and it is about deciding what we do with that calling. In closing, Archbishop Malcolm then thanked everybody for their contribution to the Catholic Church and society.

Following the Profession of Faith, the Lord Lieutenant Mr Mark Blundell said Prayers of the Faithful, with a focus on work in the region.

The gifts of bread and wine were then brought forward by staff and students of St Bartholomew’s Catholic Primary School, Rainhill.

Following Mass, there was an opportunity to meet and mingle as refreshments were served in the Gibberd Room.

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