Everything you need to know about our 101st pilgrimage to Lourdes
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July 10, 2024

Our 101st pilgrimage to Lourdes will take place 19-26July, with the theme this year being “Go and tell the priests to come here in procession.

It was during the thirteenth Apparition that Mary said to Bernadette: “Go, tell the priests that people should come here in procession…”

What does it mean that we should “Come here in procession.”?

In many ways it means “come, accompany one another in this pilgrimage of life. Be there for and with each other in good times and bad alike, in times of sickness and in health”.

It is an invitation to recognise that as pilgrims we walk shoulder to shoulder with one another and as part of our journeying we share our joys and sorrows, strengths and weaknesses as we pray, chat and celebrate together.

This will set the tone for the Masses and celebrations taking place that week.

Last year was a special occasion, as the centenary of the pilgrimage was celebrated, with only the Second World War and the Covid-19 pandemic pausing it.

The Year of Prayer ahead of Jubilee will also be marked this year.

The schedule of service this year is as follows:

Friday 19 July

8.30pm – Mass for Ordinary Pilgrims at St Frai Chapel ND des Doulers

Saturday 20 July

10.00am – Path of Bernadette at the Tour of the Domaine

4.00pm – Mass of Anointing at St Bernadette’s Church (Grotto side)

Sunday 21 July

8.30am – Sunday Mass at the Grotto

5pm – Blessed Sacrament Procession – Gathering on the Prairie opposite the Grotto

9pm – Lourdes: A place to Prayer at St Bernadette Church

Monday 22 July

10.45am – Mass at St Pius X Main Altar

3pm – Rosary for Assisted Pilgrims at the Grotto

9pm – Marian Torchlight Procession

Tuesday 23 July

10am – Lower Stations of the Cross and Water Gesture for Assisted Pilgrims (Upper Stations will be on the Hill)

4.30pm – Mass at St Pius X Main Altar (underground)

Wednesday 24 July

9.30am – St Pius X International Mass

3pm – Bartres – Celebration Mass

9pm – Adoration and Benediction at St Cosmas and St Damian Chapel

Thursday 25 July

10am – Mass of Thanksgiving at St Pius X Main Altar(Underground)

Friday 26 July

8.30am – Mass