Safeguarding Sunday & Safeguarding Adults Week 2023
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November 17, 2023

This Sunday is Safeguarding Sunday and marks the start of Safeguarding Adults Week which runs from 20-24 November.

Safeguarding Sunday is a safeguarding awareness raising campaign for churches run by the charity Thirtyone:eight.

Each November, thousands of churches from diverse backgrounds and traditions across the UK come together to reflect on their own safeguarding journey, and to highlight and celebrate all the good work that is being done by so many behind the scenes to protect vulnerable people.

The Safeguarding Section of the Archdiocese of Liverpool would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in safeguarding across our Archdiocese and those working to make our communities a safer place for all.

We give special thanks for all our Local Parish Safeguarding Representatives (LPSR’s) who volunteer their time to help embed safer recruitment and safeguarding in our parishes.

The Safeguarding Team would like to use safeguarding week to promote a new initiative that the team have been working on recently around the reporting of low-level concerns.

 If you are worried, have any low-level concerns or you are not sure if something is a safeguarding issue, then please do speak to us.

We are here to put your mind at ease about any issues you may be concerned about.

Please do not think “What if I am wrong……Think what if I am right!” Don’t think “What if I report it …..Think What if I don’t!”

You can contact the team by email at phone 0151 522 1103 or by completing the reporting a concern form on our website.

We are delighted at the news that Dr John Poland has been appointed Judicial Vicar of the National Tribunal Service (NTS) as well as three other members of our clergy who have been appointed to roles at NTS, details can be found here.

 We will be posting safeguarding messages throughout the week on our social media accounts please look out for them and help work towards a safer place for all in ourdiocese.