St Wilfrid's Parish, Widnes, goes to Knock
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June 10, 2024

Golden Rose …Queen of Ireland This was the hymn that the parishioners of St Wilfrid’s parish in Widnes sang as the coach headed towards Liverpool Airport with 50 eager and excited pilgrims onboard.

A four-day pilgrimage to Knock had been planned. Staying at the Knock House Hotel, the party were ideally placed to visit this famous shrine.

“The whole experience was truly magnificent,” said Parish Priest Fr Mark Moran.

“The opportunity to celebrate Mass in the Apparition Chapel was so wonderful and moving.”

Most of the parishioners had never been to Knock previously, so it was a wonderful opportunity to touch for the first time the stone wall where Our Lady appeared, visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Knock, and the many other holy places at the Knock shrine.

“The pilgrimage was a unique opportunity for us to celebrate Mass at the sacred shrine but also to see the magnificent artwork at the Basilica and to learn in great detail the story of Knock at the wonderful museum,” said Fr Mark.

The pilgrims were also able to visit other local places such as Ballintubber Abbey, dating back to 1216, and with close connections to St Patrick. “The group had a great affinity to St Patrick, so it was wonderful for people to visit the abbey and also to see St Patrick’s Well.”

The whole pilgrimage was a huge success. Fr Mark concluded: “We left Knock with a great sense of awe and wonderment. Friendships were strengthened, and people felt the true presence of Our Blessed Lady as we left the shrine to the strains of Lady of Knock our Queen of Peace!”

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