Our cemeteries and graveyards

The Archdiocese of Liverpool operates three Catholic Cemeteries in addition to graveyards operated by parishes.

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Purchasing a grave

New graves for the exclusive right of burial and cremated remains plots may be purchased.

The details of the current availability for our three cemeteries are:

Sacred Heart Cemetery, Ainsdale: new graves for burial are available for both immediate use and can also be reserved. Cremated remains plots are available.

Ford Cemetery: new graves for burial are available but for immediate use only (we are no longer able to reserve plots). Cremated remains plots are available.

Yew Tree Cemetery: no new graves for burial are available, only cremated remains plots can be purchased.

Click download to see our current charges and to explore purchasing a grave, contact us.

Re-opening a grave

For the re-opening of an existing grave the applicant via their funeral director is required to complete a notice of interment and must produce the grave deed.

Transferring ownership

Transfer of the exclusive right of burial may take place using a transfer form if the owner is alive. If the owner is deceased, the transfer of ownership may be supported by an official document such as a grant of probate or grant of letters of administration. In the absence of these legal documents, ownership may be transferred making use of a Statutory Declaration. The responsibility for arranging the Statutory Declaration will be the person or persons entitled to the transfer of ownership.

A date and time will be booked and confirmed to the undertaker and family by the cemeteries team. 


Families wishing to erect a memorial should approach their BRAMM registered mason of choice to purchase a memorial within the specifications set out in cemetery regulations below and instruct the mason regarding the lettering.

All cemeteries in our Archdiocese

Yew Tree Cemetery

Finch Lane 
Knotty Ash 
L14 4AQ

Sacred Heart Cemetery Ainsdale

Liverpool Road 

Ford Cemetery  

Sterrix Lane 
L21 0DD