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A prophetic voice for justice and peace

The Justice and Peace Commission acts as a think tank and help to shape the overall justice and peace strategy of the archdiocese is sound and effective.

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Justice & Peace

What we do

We work within the field of Catholic social action, which includes environmental justice. As a commission, our role is to offer advice and to act as a prophetic voice on these issues. This happens through meetings and consultations, advice, feedback or raising questions at all levels of archdiocesan life.

We also operate a sub-group, the Archdiocesan Environmental Task Group, which helps the archdiocese to address green issues and foster the care of creation.

Get involved

We welcome any justice and peace related concerns or suggestion that you have. To discuss your ideas or suggestions please contact our chair.

We would also be happy to connect you with our local groups, active in many of our parishes and schools.

Holy Land Christmas Card

During this difficult time, parishes are encouraged to write one Christmas card to a parish in the Holy Land and surrounding areas.

“I wholeheartedly endorse the Diocesan Holy Land Christmas Card campaign and I would encourage our parishes and justice and peace groups to send Christmas cards to our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.  On my visits to the Holy Land people often remark how supported they feel when they receive a Christmas card from our diocese, and I believe it to be a real sign of our solidarity with those who live there. It’s also a promise of our prayers for them at Christmas, and this means so much to them.”  Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP

Please download the list and let pd@rcaol.org.uk know which parishes in the Holy Land your parish sent cards to.  Cards can take at least a month to reach their destination, so please send these as early as possible.   As you can see from the quote below, this makes a significant impact, so thank you for taking the time to do this:

“Thank you for your concern about the situation here. Believe me it is a really difficult situation.  About the Christmas card I must to confess to you that it is a personal joy for me and for my parish to receive every year your cards. It is a joy to know that many people are concerning about our situation. So I advise, if it is possible, to continue to send the cards.  But really if it is possible.” Fr Mario da Silva IVE, former pp at Holy Family, Gaza.

Hope this all makes sense, but any questions, please let me know.

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