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Academy Strategy Foundation Director Recruitment

The Archdiocese of Liverpool is moving forward with its strategy to set up Catholic Multi Academy Trusts so that every school has a named allocated CMAT to join at the appropriate time. The governance of our CMATs is equally as critical to the establishment of successful Catholic schools as the governance of the schools themselves is and we are therefore pleased to commence the process for the initial recruitment of Foundation Directors. At this time the recruitment is specifically for the next phase of CMATs - CMATs 3, 5 and 8 - together with a general call for expressions of interest for Directors of any other CMAT in the archdiocese. We are also particularly interested to hear from people with a specific interest in governance in post-16 provision.

It is recognised that the role of Foundation Director of one of the new CMATs is wide-ranging and has a different focus to that of a governing body. For this reason, the archdiocese is commencing recruitment now to allow sufficient time for training and establishing robust governance structures prior to opening. It is proposed that, initially, each CMAT will aim to have a Board of Directors comprised of seven Foundation Directors. Further Foundation or Non-Foundation Directors may be appointed by the Archbishop at a later date according to the needs of the CMAT as long as the Foundation Directors are at all times in a majority of at least two over the total number of Non-Foundation Directors.

For the purposes of this initial recruitment, Foundation Directors are specified as being practising Catholics but all categories of Director will be appointed based on their skills and experience to ensure that the CMAT has the necessary skills and expertise at board level.

The timeline for this process is as follows:

18th September

Closing date for applications

25th September


2nd – 10th October inc.

Interview and selection panel(s)
Discussions with potential Chairs of Directors

13th October

Report on outcomes to Trustees recommending appointment of those selected

w/c 23rd October

Appointments confirmed subject to pre-appointment checks
DBS & S128 Checks commenced

Network of Catholic multi academy trusts

There are presently 15 academies across the geography of the Archdiocese of Liverpool. Officers have been working to develop a strategy to create a network of Catholic multi academy trusts (CMATs) across the diocese and, when the strategy is implemented, all schools will have the opportunity to explore becoming an academy in an Archdiocesan CMAT.

Our strategy

Our Strategy for the Development of Multi Academy Trusts was approved by the Trustees in December 2022. The strategy will now progress into a period of implementation.  Please visit this page on a regular basis to access the latest information and documentation.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us.

Our Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts

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St Joseph Catholic Multi Academy Trust

All Saints Multi Academy Trust