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We provides a network of almost 230 schools and colleges across eight local education authorities and the Isle of Man.

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Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Liverpool

Our network includes nursery, infant, junior, primary and secondary schools plus sixth form colleges. Successive external reports give testament to the enduring quality of these schools which continue to place emphasis on personal, spiritual and moral formation as well as on academic progress.

The key attributes of a Catholic school

- Education and formation of young people as sons and daughters of God

- Creating young adults in the image of God

- Places of experiencing of God's love Life long learning for all in the school community

- Preparing them for lives as Christian's in the modern world

- Working with partners to achieve the common good

How is a Catholic school different? 

Our schools:

- Celebrate daily worship

- Collaborate with the local parish and the archdiocese 

- Offer more religious education (10% of the school timetable)

- Shape children in charity and giving of self, helping them to think of others first 

- Celebrate the sacraments regularly and prepare to receive them

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Voluntary Contribution Scheme

This scheme allows us to support our schools and their activities.

How we work

The Archdiocese, in common with other dioceses in England and Wales, carries out a range of activities in order to discharge its duties for education. The activities complement those of the Catholic Education Service for England (CES) and are undertaken alongside the work of the Archdiocese’s national and local partners for education, the Department for Education (DfE) and the Local Authorities (LAs) respectively.

Specifically, the purpose of the Archdiocesan Schools Service is to advise and act on behalf of the Archbishop and the Archdiocesan Trustees in all matters relating to schools and colleges and the process of lifelong learning. The activities which it undertakes through the Education Department are designed to assist the Archbishop to fulfil his responsibilities for education and to give effect to the provisions for education contained in the Trust Deed.

The interests of Archdiocesan schools collectively are also represented by departmental staff at inter-diocesan meetings, national consultation on proposed legislative change or in local authority Scrutiny Committees. In short, the activities are intended to focus on particular education duties and not to replicate those of the CES or of the eight local authorities and the Isle of Man within whose boundaries the Archdiocese lies.