Voluntary Contribution Scheme

Supporting education in the archdiocese

This scheme supports the Education Department for the benefit of all schools.

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What we do

The archdiocese carries out a range of activities in order to discharge its duties for education. The purpose of the Archdiocesan Schools Service is to advise and act on behalf of the archbishop and the archdiocesan trustees in all matters relating to schools and colleges and the process of lifelong learning. 

The activities which it undertakes through the Education Department are designed to assist the archbishop to fulfil his responsibilities for education and to give effect to the provisions for education contained in the trust deed.

Providing for our schools

We seek to provide the activities outlined in the Catholic Education Service’s statement of provision in return for which Catholic schools and colleges (and joint Catholic/Church of England schools and Academies) within our archdiocese pay an annual contribution towards the department’s costs.

The scheme is based on a standard set of payments in return for the provision of a fuller range of activities than was previously offered. It is, of course, recognised that in a given year a particular school may receive all, some or none of the support outlined. The scheme is, therefore, in essence an insurance scheme.

What the scheme provides

Commitment to the scheme should enable the department to provide services including:

  • Advice and support for governing bodies in appointment process for Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher posts.
  • A training programme for governors.
  • Organisation of relevant conferences for Catholic schools personnel.
  • Induction and support programmes for newly appointed staff.
  • Pastoral support.
  • Regular and effective communication with Headteachers and governors.
  • Electronic communication links with all schools.
  • A schools’ department website.
  • Liaison with local authority officers regarding issues concerning Catholic schools.
  • Representation on local and national discussions regarding school funding arrangements.
  • Representation or support of schools in admissions forums.
  • Support for school capital development and planned maintenance plans.
  • An effective capital programme.
  • Advisory support for schools’ improvement programmes.
  • Inspection cycle support.
  • Support for teacher recruitment.